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 polycarbonate - wikipedia
Applications Electronic components. Polycarbonate is mainly used for electronic applications that capitalize on its collective safety features. Being a good electrical insulator and having heat-resistant and flame-retardant properties, it is used in various products associated with electrical and telecommunications hardware.

 stegherr kunststofftechnik gmbh: polycarbonat-profile
Stegherr Kunststofftechnik GmbH Otto-Röhm-Strasse 1 D-89343 Jettingen-Scheppach Telefon +49 (0) 8225 9682-0 Telefax +49 (0) 8225 9682-20 info@stegherr.com www.stegherr.com

 polycarbonat profile plastic profiles: interstateplastics ...
Ridge cap profiles for SunSky 9 and Sunsky 12 in clear, soft white, and white opal.

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 d trennwÄnde und zargen pareti divisorie e stipiti ...
POLYCARBONATPROFILE SELBSTKLEBEND VP-21 • Profilo in policarbonato ad H per giunzione vetro 2 vie in linea con biadesivo 3M su ambo i lati. • H polycarbonate transparent profile with adhesive fixing for glass 10 mm. • H Polycarbonatprofil selbstklebend für Glas 10 mm. VP-22

 plastic extrusions | polycarbonate profiles | keller plastics
Polycarbonate is an advanced material. Thus, when considering polycarbonate profiles for an extrusion project, you need to ensure that your manufacturer has experience in extruding polycarbonate! And Keller Products can deliver. We have years of experience both designing AND manufacturing polycarbonate.

 kviller.eu — polycarbonat-profile und zubehör
Aluminium profiles for polycarbonate sheets : DESCRIPTION. SIZE, MM (A x B x C) LENGTH, M. Aluminium upper profile with 2 sealing rubber strips

 kontakt - ctm profili

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