The design of glazing bead profiles and partition walls

Glazing bead profiles: Companies that specialise in the creation of manufactured plastic products focus on processes of plastic extrusion for the creation of objects used in various sectors, from automobiles to construction. The specific features of plastic materials, and in particular polycarbonate, enable the creation of high-quality objects that can be used in the construction sector, such as partition walls and glazing bead profiles. We will see what the functions of these particular plastic articles are and how they are created.

What are glazing bead profiles?

are components that are installed between glass sheetsand fulfil various functions. Generally, the application of glazing bead profiles is made to respond to safety needs related to the stability and impenetrability of glass windows and doors, but they also allow the thermo-acoustic isolation of spaces, without modifying the aesthetic aspect of glass walls.

Therefore, they are extremely useful profiles, not only from a functional point of view but also an aesthetic one, from the moment that they can be produced in various forms according to the client’s preferences and needs. Glazing bead profiles are generally made from polycarbonate and are created through the process of plastic extrusion. Thier stamps can be designed in collaboration with the client and tailored to the fixtures upon which they will be installed.

During the extrusion process a double-sided adhesive, which is essential, is applied for the installation of glazing bead profiles.

Glazing bead profiles

What do we mean by partition walls?

Partition walls are vertical panels, mobile or fixed, that are created in thermoplastic material or in glass, and they help separate two environments. The use of polycarbonate for the assemblage of these elements helps utilise high-quality transparent material, thus isolating two spaces while maintaing the luminosity of internal spaces.

Due to their unique features, partition walls are extremely useful for optimising office spaces, giving rooms a studied, if economic, aesthetic in comparison to brick walls. Partition walls, more generally, represent an effective solution for augmenting the spaces of apartments and offices, maintaining the order and functionality of interal spaces.

The kinds of partition walls

There exist various kinds of partition walls on the market, among which mobile partition walls stand out, that give flexibility to internal spaces allowing the continual change of the setup of domestic and work environments. Nevertheless, fixed partition walls are also extremely widespread, even if they require more invasive and expensive works given the installation and affixing of fixtures.

To separate environments, rigged partition walls are an extremely valid alternative. They are light partition prfiles that allow you to fully enjoy available space and to soundproof rooms, designing a personalised environment.

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