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 microtek™ prism sheet | fusion optix®
MicroTEK™ Prism Sheet. Category: Optical Film & Sheet SKU: 3409. Share this product. Tweet Share on Twitter Pin it Share on Pinterest Share on LinkedIn Share on LinkedIn Share on WhatsApp Share on WhatsApp Share on Facebook Share on Facebook. Related products. ReflecTEK™ Mirror Film

 wo2001084212a1 - improved microprism sheets and privacy ...
A privacy screen, an image separating screen suitable for creating stereoscopic images, and an image interlacing screen also suitable for use in creating stereoscopic images, are prepared by modifying a standard microprism sheet (1) of the type having a plurality of v-shaped grooves (2). The modifications may include altering the transmission properties of at least one surface (3, 4) of each ...

 ep0697960a1 - retroreflective microprism sheeting with ...
Retroreflective sheet material is produced by forming sheet material with closely spaced retroreflective formations (12) on one face and depositing on this face silver and copper atoms having high kinetic energy to provide a reflective metallic deposit (14) comprising a base layer of metallic silver and an overlying layer of metallic copper.

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 p43 microprism - slpuk.com
P43 Microprism can be supplied in standard sheet sizes or cut to customer’s individual specification. For specific information regarding fire testing methods / material conformities please see the compliance / reports section. 3mm Firelux UV

 flat-panel displays: wavy prism sheet makes lcds look ...
A test against a prism sheet taken from a conventional laptop-backlighting unit showed a peak brightness of 5553 nits for the experimental sheet, versus 4397 nits for the control sheet. Ultimately, a roll-type mold could be made to realize roll-to-roll manufacturing of the microprism sheet, says Lee.

 (pdf) preparation and physical properties of diamond grade ...
Preparation and Physical Prop erties of Diamond Grade Reflec tive Sheets Using Microprism 285 Figu r e 1. Synthetic procedure of a prismatic reflective sheet using microprism.

 reflective principle of (a) glass bead and (b) microprism ...
Download scientific diagram | Reflective principle of (a) glass bead and (b) microprism types. from publication: Structural and Physical Properties of Reflective Sheets Prepared by Using Glass ...

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