What are LED alluminium profiles?

The technology of LED strips enables the creation of versatile lighting solutions that are safe, easy to install, of low consumption, and well-designed. In terms of protecting the luminous strips, the best sollution is to install them with alluminium profiles using LED strips. For this reason, we will look together at what alluminium profiles are and how to choose them.

What are LED alluminium profiles?

LED alluminium profiles, also called tracks for LED strips, are built of light conduits that cover and protect the luminous LED strips.

On the market, they can be found with various shapes, sizes, and depths. In the majority of cases, the profiles are equipped with an opaque diffuser, or cover, thanks to which it is possible to obtain a uniform distribution of light, thus avoiding the dotted effect that the LED strips can cause.

When you are looking for the most suitable profile for your needs, the essential features to consider are:

  • the shape: rectangular, flexible, angular or slim. The choice, in this case, depends also upon the configuration and width of the LED strip that you want to insert into the alluminium profile;
  • the depth: if the space of installation is limited, a thin profile is the most suitable option. But if thicker strips are used, it is better to choose a deeper profile;
  • the installation: LED lighting can be installed on suspended or built-in surfaces. Every profile corresponds to a specific installation solution.

These are simple and applicable criteria to orient yourself in the world of alluminium profiles, but to choose the most suitable product for every need the best thing is always to request the advice of expert professionals.

profili in alluminio per led

The advantages of using alluminium

The use of alluminium in the creation of profiles for the installation of LED strips is the most commonly preferred option. Indeed, due to its technical features, alluminium is highly recommended for protecting LED strips from general usage and humidity. Moreover, the alluminium profile fulfils an important function in dissipating heat, preventing the overheating of the LED strip and thus prolonging its life. è l’opzione favorita.

Why it’s important to rely on experts

Relying on expert professionals during the choice of alluminium profiles means being sure of opting for the most suitable choice for your needs and purchasing a high-quality product.

Indeed, the experience of professionals, together with their technical skills, constitutes in itself a guarantee of the product and the service.

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