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Experience and passion at the service of your ideas

PTH GROUP, thanks to our many years of experience- which began in the ‘80s- in the process of constructing moulds and equipment for the extrusion of plastic profiles, offers the necessary technical consultation and support to obtain cutting-edge, innovative, and high-performance product

Technical consultation

PTH GROUP boasts a cutting-edge technical team, equipped with advanced technical instruments, capable of rapidly satisfying the requests of clients.

For the realisation of a new item requested by our clients, our work is divided into phases of technical development, design, production of various profiles and consideration of the specific requirements of the materials to be used.

Among our more noteworthy technical equipment are:

    the means of measuring our products’ thickness, as well as the layer/distribution of co-extrusion
    it elaborates sub-pixels, supplying a full visual field and simultaneously upholding its measurement capacities to a high level of precision, discovering variations, precise elaboration of forms and automatic identification of chippings and flaws
    it measures the density and intensity of light

Furthermore, our business boasts a leading competency in the field of co-extrusion, enabling it to achieve multiple combinations of finishes.

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Attrezzature CAD/CAM sempre aggiornate

Our CAD/CAM equipment is always updated

We are aided in the realisation of equipment dedicated to the extrusion of plastic profiles by the incorporated OCF, who represent one of the most important players in the sector of construction of supply chains both at a national and international level.

Through the use and continual development of CAD/CAM systems and technologies, PTH is able to offer our clients extremely high quality solutions together, what’s more, with economic affordability and rapid turnaround times.

The technical office of the incorporated OCF designs and plans the activities dedicated to the realisation of new moulds and, thanks to the use of increasingly advanced technologies and CAD softward, is capable of transferring project data to other teams through its internal network.

The construction of equipment occurs through the use of CAM systems that tranfer information to the millers and lathers, equipped for their part with CNC systems for the cutting and milling of the said equipment, optimising therefore work time and quality.

Materiali di altissima qualità, controllati e garantiti

Materials of the highest quality, checked and guaranteed

The choice of our materials plays a fundamental role in achieving a product that’s always high quality and stable in time.

To achieve these goals, PTH partners with the most important producers of primary materials with the aim of achieving certified materials of a consistent quality.

Our teams, both in the phases of testing and production, systematically check the quality of the materials.

Special works

PTH is able to satisfy the requests of clients by executing both specific works as well as applications and packaging upon request. Our services are as follows: