Alta qualità e design personalizzato


High-quality and personalised design

PTH GROUP, thanks to the existence of its incorporated OCF, which has been active in the world market for more than 40 years in the sector of the planning and realisation of moulds for the extrusion of thermoplastic profiles, can offer its clients all the technical responses necessary for the development of high-performing, innovative, and well-designed products.

To guarantee respect for clients’ patience and the consistency and quality of our products, we promise to work continuously on producing moulds in the given timeframe.

A product for every need

Learn about our range of extruded products. Profiles and tubes to satisfy the needs of our clients in multiple fields of application.

We plan and develop products with cutting-edge technologies

PTH, always attentive to the new needs of the national and international market, guarantees our clients that we will devote our full attention to the development of profiles and tubes extruded through utilising cutting-edge software and 40 years of experience in producing matrices on the part of our incorporated OCF. This allows us to develop specific projects upon request.

Progettazione e sviluppo con tecnologie all’avanguardia

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