Light + Building Frankfurt 2024

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Come find us at the Light+Building fair in Frankfurt. The world’s number one trade fair as an international meeting place for the lighting and building technology industry will be held from 3 to 8 March at the Frankfurt am Main exhibition centre. PTH will once again present its new products at this edition of the event. […]


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The PTH team is pleased to introduce the new SMART CLIP product range, which is designed and developed to make the installation of LED lights easier. SMART CLIP From product configuration to wall mounting, the SMART CLIP range aids you in every step of the installation thanks to its innovative docking system and modular design. […]

The importance of designing stamps for the extrusion of profiles in PC and PMMA


The importance of designing stamps for the extrusion of profiles in PC and PMMA La progettazione di stampi per l’estrusione di profili in policarbonato (PC) e metacrilato (PMMA) permette di creare prodotti finali personalizzati. L’estrusione della plastica è un tipo di lavorazione possibile grazie a specifici macchinari che utilizzano stampi per materiali termoplastici. La creazione […]

What are LED alluminium profiles?

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The technology of LED strips enables the creation of versatile lighting solutions that are safe, easy to install, of low consumption, and well-designed. In terms of protecting the luminous strips, the best sollution is to install them with alluminium profiles using LED strips. For this reason, we will look together at what alluminium profiles are […]

What are polycarbonate and methacrylate tubes, and when are they used?

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Polycarbonate and methacrylate tubes are useful for the production of numerous functional and design objects. Polycarbonate and PMMA are thermoplastic materials with specific technical and aesthetic properties- features that make polycarbonate tubes and methacrylate tubes excellent substitutes for glass tubes. Products made from thermoplastic materials have applications in multiple sectors, in particular in the industrial […]

Extrusion of polycarbonate and methacrylate profiles: what does it involve?

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The extrusion of polycarbonate and methacrylate profiles and other polymers is a process that transforms plastic materials into real objects and profiles. Starting with polymers in powder or in granules, it is possible to homogenise the materials and give them the shape that you desire. Without extrusion of the manufactured products, it would not be […]

The design of glazing bead profiles and partition walls

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Glazing bead profiles: Companies that specialise in the creation of manufactured plastic products focus on processes of plastic extrusion for the creation of objects used in various sectors, from automobiles to construction. The specific features of plastic materials, and in particular polycarbonate, enable the creation of high-quality objects that can be used in the construction […]

New MIMIC ALU range


PTH, always attentive to the needs of the national and international market, will, at the Fiera Light+Building in Frankfurt, present our new range of MIMIC ALU profiles. Profiles designed to substitute aluminium while maintaining the same aesthetic. The range provides mono-extruded and co-extruded profiles according to the needs of our clients.

A solution for custom-made illumination


PTH has found a solution as simple as it is ingenious. Henceforth you can find on our site all the necessary components to build your own system of LED illumination*. You will be able to purchase the aluminium profiles, the plastic light diffusers in all available surface finishings, and the caps and brackets for fastening**. […]

Light + Building Frankfurt 2022


Come find us at the Light+Building fair in Frankfurt. The number one fair in the world for the presentation of the latest products in the sectors of illumination, eletrical engineering, and home automation. It will be held between 2 and 6 October at the Messe Frankfurt. PTH will once again present its new products at this […]