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 led profiles - profil-tech s.r.l. - pth profil-tec plastic ...
Lighting Diffusers; Led Profiles; Plastic Tubes. Polycarbonate Tube; ... PTH supplies a wide range of solutions of LED Profiles, LED Diffusers and LED Optic Lenses ...

 plastic lighting diffusers - pth group
Lighting Diffusers; Led Profiles; Plastic Tubes. ... Lighting Plastic Profiles and Diffusers are supplied in ... Lighting Profiles and Diffusers are used in ...

 plastics for lighting, diffusion films for led hot spots ...
Ask a Plastics Expert - let Curbell Plastics help you solve your LED ... Lighting & Light Management Plastic sheet and film for ... as curved light diffusers;

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 diffusers – ilumtech
Classic prismatic diffusers and microprismatic diffusers made of clear plastic have a transmission of 70–90 %, ... now that LED is becoming the light source of ...

 faq i led diffusers, lenses and plastic lighting sheets
Who is Led Diffuser? What is Polystrene Diffuser? What is PMMA Diffuser? What are the thicknesses of Plastic Lighting Sheets? Differences than other products in the ...

 led diffusers - covestro | polycarbonate plastics
We are the renowned global leader in Polycarbonate plastics and PC-based blends. Discover the Covestro solutions for your business!

 excelite plastic supplies polycarbonate light diffuser ...
Excelite Plastic supplies polycarbonate light diffuser panels for solid-state lighting designs

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