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 lighting profiles - pth profil-tec plastic profiles and tubes
Lighting Plastic Profiles and Diffusers are supplied in Polycarbonate and PMMA transparent, opal and satin surface material. On request PTH extrude also Micro ...

 lighting profiles
Microprismatic Profiles in Polycarbonate and PMMA plastic material.

 led plastic profiles - pth group
PTH is specialized in development and extrusion of Plastic Profiles in a wide range of polymers in order to satisfy the most particular technical needs and ...

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 led profiles - profil-tech s.r.l. - pth profil-tec plastic ...
LED Profiles are extruded in Polycarbonate and PMMA Transparent, Opal and Satin finish surface material. PTH supplies a wide range of solutions of LED Profiles, LED ...

 plastic profiles
PTH Profiles - Extruded Plastic Profiles and Tubes in Polycarbonate Transparent, Opal and Satin and PMMA Clear, Opal and Satinè material.

 plastic profiles - directly from stock - bwf group
Get your plastic profile directly from stock at BWF Profiles, e.g. u-profiles, angle profile, t-profile, h-profile, connecting and edge profiles for twin-wall sheets ...

 led plastic profiles
LED Plastic Profiles in Polycarbonate and PMMA material for Lighting applications.

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